Development Photography Award

Photoshare Development Photography Award

Photographers in Developing Countries/Emerging Economies  - Photoshare is pleased to support the advancement of digital camera technologies in developing countries through our Photoshare Development Photography Award. Awarded exclusively to a photographer from a developing country/emerging economy, the Award if a part of Photoshare’s efforts to promote photography as a vital tool for communicating international health and development issues. Award applications are accepted every year from March through April.* Winners are awarded a brand new Digital Camera.

*Please note that award dates are subject to change prior to the official announcement posted on the Photosharewebsite.

Photoshare seeks applicants from developing countries who are:

  • involved in public health and development programs;
  • interested in using photography to document issues facing their communities;
  • in need of a first-time or improved digital camera.

Developing country photographers, both amateur and trained, are encouraged to apply.

Questions? Contact: [email protected] 

Photoshare Award Mission

Photoshare encourages those who are interested in Photoshare’s mission to participate in the award. The award is a great incentive for those who would otherwise share photos year-round but have trouble finding the time or lack the resources. If you are learning about Photoshare for the first time, you may be interested to know…

· People who typically share photos with Photoshare – either through the award or on an ongoing basis – are both amateur and professional photographers, international public health professionals, community leaders and residents of developing countries, Peace Corps volunteers, world travelers, and anyone else who is interesting in freely sharing photos as a way to promote awareness of global health and development issues.

· Award participants understand that when the contest is over, their entries may be selected for inclusion in the general Photoshare collection, upon which their photos may be requested for non-profit, educational use promoting health and development. As always, requests to use Photoshare images are carefully screened by Photoshare staff (see Photoshare Terms of Use and Responsibilities of Photoshare Users for more information about Photoshare's policies on sharing photos).

· Participation in the award does NOT require you to forfeit your copyright.

Participating in the award is a fun and rewarding way to support Photoshare’s global efforts in development photography and to help build the international Photoshare collection. 

Award Guidelines

  • All entries and accompanying entry forms must be received by the date of the contest deadline.
  • Any individual from a developing country/emerging economy, with the exception of contest judges, are welcome to participate (including both amateur and professional photographers).
  • Five photos are allowed: At a minimum, digital images must be approximately 1600x1200 pixels. Photos below the minimum resolution, collages, photos without completed entry forms, and photos previously contributed to Photoshare are not eligible for consideration.
  • Applications will be judged on the basis of the applicants involvement in public health and development programs; interest in using photography to document issues facing their communities and image quality; need for a first-time or improved digital camera, and image quality (e.g. lighting, composition, focus) by panel of judges for a camera prize.
  • Entries that violate copyright or the laws of the country in which they were taken are not acceptable. 

*Please note that contest guidelines and rules are subject to change prior to the official announcement posted on the Photoshare website. 

Sample Award Application (2007)

See Past Winners:

2008 Award Winner | Srikrishna Sulgodu Ramachandra , India

2008 Award Winner | Dooso Radido, Kenya

2007 Award Winner | Ashok Bhurtyal, Nepal

2006 Award Winner | Nathalie Raharilaza, Madagascar