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Presenting the 2018 Annual Photoshare Photo Contest—Recognizing the Best in Global Health and Development Photography

The Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project is pleased to announce the 2018 Annual Photoshare Photo Contest, an international standard for recognizing amateur and professional photographers that share photos for charitable and educational use.

The contest has a top prize of US$1,000; the deadline for entries is June 5th, 2017. Enter submissions through Photoshare's online photo submission form

This year Photoshare has partnered with, Girls' Globe to present a new Sexual and Reproductive Health category. Photoshare will recognize this featured category with its first social-media-powered prize, the Photoshare People’s Choice Award. In addition to this special content focus, Photoshare continues its partnership with HIFA (Healthcare Information For All) on the Healthcare Providers category, which focuses on the critical role of health care information and health workers and is recognized with the HIFA Photo Award.

The 2018 Annual Photoshare Photo Contest is brought to you by K4Health, a USAID-funded project at the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (CCP), in partnership with FHI 360IntraHealth International and Management Sciences for Health (MSH).  Girls’ Globe and HIFA provide additional support.



•   Click on the Upload Photos button in the header to access the submission form

•   There is no limit to the number of photos a participant can submit--images should be relevant to the contest category

•   The contest is FREE to enter

•   Deadline for Entries: June 5th, 2018

•   Contest entries help grow the Photoshare collection; learn how your images improve health and save lives.

•   Winners Announced: July 15th, 2018














12th Annual Photoshare Photo Contest Winners

Baltimore, MD USA - An inspiring portrait of a mother and child in Malawi wins best of show in the 12th Annual Photoshare Photo Contest. Eric Bond with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation submitted the award-winning photo. This year’s contest featured sponsorship from HIFA (Healthcare Information For All), a global campaign administered by the Global Healthcare Information Network,and the first-ever People's Choice Award in Sexual and Repro

ductive Health, presented with media partner Girls' Globe.

The winning image, taken in Malengachanzi, highlights the importance of prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission services in working toward the goal of an HIV-free generation. This photo along with other contest submissions will support Photoshare’s growing collection, helping international nonprofits communicate critical health and development issues. By facilitating photo-sharing among public health professionals and photographers, Photoshare has become a leading source for editorial public health and development photography.

Open to both amateurs and professionals, the contest drew interest from around the globe, including 203 participants who submitt

ed over 1,560 photos captured in 78 countries. 














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About Contests

Photoshare's Annual International Photo Contests and Awards are popular international events mobilizing photographers to share their work for charitable and educational use, in return for a chance to win a prize/award. By submitting their images, participants contribute to a growing collection, helping nonprofits communicate health and development issues worldwide. Photoshare is a leading public health and development photography collection.

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