Photoshare Terms of Use

The Photoshare user agrees to submit a separate request for each presentation, publication, or other material, providing Photoshare with details about the material, including an explanation of how the user intends to use Photoshare images. Submission of a request is not a guarantee of acceptance. Photoshare staff may require additional information about the request, and in some instances, may approve requests only under certain conditions, at the discretion of Photoshare. Photoshare staff reserve the right to approve or reject requests at their discretion. Photoshare images must be used in a respectful manner for non-profit, educational purposes promoting international health and development and under the principles of editorial photography. Photoshare images must be properly credited and used in a context that fairly represents the real situation, subject identity, and/or physical location of the image. Images supplied by Photoshare may not be copied or stored by any means, electronic or otherwise, except for the purpose for which they were originally supplied. Permission must be sought and given from Photoshare before each and every use of an image. The Photoshare user agrees to indemnify and hold Photoshare harmless from any claims and liabilities made against Photoshare, based on or arising out of a breach of the Terms of Use. Photoshare reserves the right to deny services to clients who violate the Photoshare Terms of Use. Copies of printed materials containing Photoshare images must be sent to: JHU/CCP, Attn: Photoshare/K4Health, 111 Market Place, Suite 310, Baltimore, MD 21202 USA.

Note: The Photoshare Terms of Use are designed chiefly for the protection of human photo subjects and are based on our ethical and legal responsibilities.

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