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Photoshare use highlights

A recent web search turned up dozens of Photoshare images impacting global efforts to educate, inform, and communicate health and development issues. We're excited to support nonprofits, government agencies and educational institutions with images generously shared by Photoshare photographers.

It's always great to see Photoshare images in use and to demonstrate to contributors the value and impact of sharing photos.

Spotlight:  New USAID Website  |  Global Health Section

New Photos: KM in Ethiopia

We are excited to add new photos from Ethiopia, and to welcome Sarah Harlan as a new contributor to Photoshare!

New Photoshare Photos - Sarah Harlan/JHUCCP


New Photos - Nigeria

We are pleased to add new photos from Nigeria shared by David Davies-Deis, an on-going contributor to Photoshare! 

In addition to street scenes in Abuja, Nigeria, David shared photos that capture urban laboratory settings and testing as apart of his work to develop elearning curriculum.

New Photoshare Photos - David Davies-Deis/JHUCCP

Dr. Arturo Sanabria's 300th shared image!

It’s a pleasure to recognize Dr. Arturo Sanabria for his invaluable work, and continued support of Photoshare with his 300th shared image!

Photoshare Use Spotlight

We are pleased to highlight some recently updated websites that have incorporated Photoshare images. Photoshare is a unique opportunity to demonstrate the value, and impact of share images though our history of use feature for contributing photographers. 

We send congratulations to our photographers whose generous contributions make Photoshare possible, and our thanks to Photoshare’s users for the continuing support. 

MCHIP |  Country Page

New Photos - Nigeria

We are pleased this week to add new photos from Nigeria, and to welcome Kim Blessing as a new contributor to Photoshare!  

New Photoshare Photos - Kim Blessing/JHUCCP

Best Practice Spotlight - C4D

We are pleased to recognize organizations that support best practices in editorial photography. Thanks to C4D Network for supporting fair context, and proper attribution though inclusion of the Photoshare caption and credit line adjacent to the image on their homepage. 

New Photos - Bangladesh

We are very excited about adding a new set of engaging photos from Bangladesh, and about welcoming a new contributor, Cassandra Mickish to Photoshare!  


The USAID | DELIVER PROJECT recently launched a photo blog; The Last Mile. 

The photo blog is focused on images from the field that document efforts to ensure commodities are delivered to clients in the right quantities, the right condition, to the right place, at the right time, for the right cost. 

Here’s the link:

See Photoshare images related to rural distribution and health services: