Photoshare Blog

New Features on Photoshare!

Photoshare is pleased to announce the launch of several new website features designed to further meet the needs of its contributing photographers and the nonprofit users of its editorial photography collection. Included in this suite of new features are the following:

  • Advanced Search form with field-level Boolean-based searching; limits by orientation, resolution, and date; and a flexible format allowing for complex searching
  • Redesigned Search Results landing page with larger thumbnails; new sorting options, including by recently ordered images; improved access to post-search filtering by category, location, date, and photographer; and navigation of results from within individual image records
  • Browse page offering an alternate entry point to the collection based on Photoshare’s health and development taxonomy
  • My Photos dropdown menu in the website header, providing quick links, once logged in,  to a photographer’s previously shared photos, a history of how the images have been used, and a list of past submitted orders

Links to the new Advanced Search form and the Browse page are located to the right of the search bar in the header. The My Photos dropdown appears in the header at top right once a user is logged in. We hope you find these new features helpful in your use of the Photoshare site. Please drop us a line and let us know what you think!