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Film director zooms in for a close-up in a video for the Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets Project for Tanzania (LLINTs Project ). © 2008 Lisa Folda, Courtesy of Photoshare      

eLearning Africa 2011 - International Conference on ITC for Development, Education and Training

eLearning comprises all forms of electronically supported learning and teaching, wherein information and communication systems are used as a media to support and help implement the learning process. It creates a virtual classroom and enhances the learning environment, while making knowledge more accessible to diverse populations.

USAID FrontLines Photo Contest Winner

The second USAID FrontLines Photo Contest is over and the winner is Karl Grobl, a photojournalist hired by Education Development Center, Inc. The photo contest was open to any USAID affiliates and aimed to illustrate the effectiveness of USAID programs around the world.

The winning photo portrays young beaming schoolchildren who are USAID recipients in Sudan and participate in the Souther Sudan Interactive Radio Instruction Project.