Photoshare Updates

Guinea Worm Eradication Campaign in Nigeria May Be Successful

After 20 years, the Carter Center is nearly ready to declare victory in its efforts towards eradicating guinea worm in Nigeria. The country, which was once the worst afflicted by the disease, has been guinea worm free for the past 12 months. Although it will take the World Health Organization another two years to officially declare the disease eradicated, this is nonetheless an important landmark in the battle against guinea worm disease.

Fighting AIDS with Powerful Photos and Images

Photography, depicting real still-life images, has always played a significant role in moving the hearts and hands of people all around the world. Images are a very powerful medium for photographers to use to share their experiences and to mobilize the people who cannot directly experience such stories for themselves.

2009 Photoshare Photo Contest Closed!

The deadline for the 2009 Photoshare Photo Contest has now passed. Thanks to everyone who participated and submitted photographs. The winners for this year's contest will be announced in January. Until then, check out our other contests and awards! If you missed this year's deadline, visit the website to prepare for next year's Photoshare Photo Contest!

A New Approach to Fighting World Hunger

World leaders attended a food summit in Rome on Monday in order to develop a new strategy to combat global hunger and assist poor countries in feeding themselves. The U.N.

The deadline for the 2009 Photoshare Photo Contest is fast-approaching!!!

 Be sure to submit your photos by November 16 to be considered for the 2009 Photoshare Photo Contest! Enter for a Chance to Win $1,000!

Environmental Risk in Developing Countries

Photoshare in latest issue of GLOBAL HEALTH Magazine - Fall 2009

In the recent online issue of GLOBAL HEALTH Magazine - Fall 2009, Photoshare  has been featured in the "Online Exclusives : Cool Escapes" section of the release. The article, titled "Communicating Your Mission Through Photography," discusses photography tips for project staff working in-country in order to better capture and portray project activities. There is also info on taking notes for captions as well as informed conset of photo subjects.

Senator Edward Kennedy wins 2009 Nansen Refugee Award

At the Nansen Award Ceremony held October 28th in Washington D.C., late Senator Edward M. Kennedy was awarded the Nansen Refugee Award for his achievements in refugee protection and assistance. Kennedy was known for sponsoring more than 70 refugee related measures in US law. Not only did he work in refugee issues in the US, he also brought attention to refugee situations all across the world, providing a voice to to those being persecuted and uprooted.

"No Toilet, No Bride" Campaign Launched in India - Success!!!