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UNICEF 2008 Photo Awards Announced

UNICEF recently announced the winners of the 2008 Photo of the Year contest. 1st Prize went to Alice Smeets for an image of a girl wading through trash and muddy water in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Photoshare Project Update

Dear Colleagues,

UPDATE: Photoshare, a service of K4H

It’s a pleasure to announce Knowledge for Health (K4Health), the new USAID health information project awarded to Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs. K4Health is the follow-on project to The INFO Project which provided Photoshare services since 2002.

Image Manipulation in the News

An image of an Iranian missile test intended for media circulation was digitally manipulated but not before it was released on newswires around the world. It’s no surprise that this image was conceived of or created, manipulated images are common in photographic history and certainly there is no end in sight to their proliferation.

Instant Print Photography

Instant Prints from Digital Files!!


2008 Award Winners

Dear Colleagues,

Photoshare is pleased to announce the winners of the 3rd Annual 2008 Photoshare Development Photography Award!

Notes and Articles

A great article on about a Disposable Camera project in rural Afghanistan:

2008 Development Photography Award

Attn: Photographers in Developing Countries/Emerging Economies

Photography and the Environment

Photography has frequently been used to focus attention on environmental issues. Images have poignantly documented both the pristine beauty of remote rural areas and the ecological damage caused by environmental pollution. Ironically; the history of photography itself is littered with a variety of toxic chemicals that have certainly polluted and altered the environment. Some of the most dangerous photographic processes have included heavy metals like mercury and silver as well as a litany of pungent sulfuric compounds.    

Chinese Man Killed Documenting Law Enforcement

Photography has long been a vital tool used to focus attention on authoritative rule. Given that fact, photography has also been the catalyst for authoritarian violence aimed at silencing a free press.

2007 Photoshare Photo Contest Winners!

Photo from Philippines Honored in 5th Annual Photoshare Photo Contest Sponsored By Hopkins' INFO Project