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Iraqi Photographer Investigated

A 2005 Pulitzer Prize winning Associated Press- AP photographer Bilal Hussein, an Iraqi, is being investigated by U.S. Military for aiding the Iraqi insurgency. Bilal Hussein was described by Geoff Morrell the Pentagon press secretary as “a terrorist media operative who infiltrated the AP." Below are news accounts of the case.

Advertising and Public Photography

As online photography communities grow, so does the potential for conflict between open access (public) photography and the commercial use of images. Photographs are now easily shared, viewed and downloaded by thousands of users on networking sites like Flickr, Facebook and many more… Often images are posted and obtained with little regard or interest in copyright, informed consent and fair use.

2007 Photoshare Photo Contest

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Deadline for Entries: November 16, 2007 


Photo Documents Use of Health Communication Material

Standards for Photo Metadata

Photo metadata has grown increasingly vital to a successful imaging workflow. An efficient digital imaging workflow requires the sharing of data between different photo metadata file formats. Photo Metadata is information that is written into a digital file that describes its unique properties.

Photographer Spotlight

Photographer Spotlight - Stéphane Janin

2007 Photoshare Development Photography Award

We recently wrapped up our 2nd Annual Photoshare Development Photography Award. The award is presented exclusively to a photography enthusiast from a developing country/emerging economy as a part of Photoshare’s effort to promote the use of photography in health communications and advance digital camera technologies worldwide.

Photo Policy Development

Photo Policy Development for Organizations Engaged in Public Health and Development Communications

Digital Cameras

Fundraising with Photography

Photography has been an important tool for aid organizations focused on raising money to support people in need, the most well known of these programs in the US typically target children. The sponsor a child style of fundraising has been a mainstay for many prominent organizations who allocate a great deal of resources into marketing efforts (i.e. TV advertisements, interactive websites, etc...).