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  • South Sudan | 14323-8

    Malnourished children during 1993 famine in South Sudan.

  • 2005-505 | 2005-505

    Two young San girls in Namibia carry sacks of famine relief food aid received from the Dutch Reform Church.

  • 2006-214 | 2006-214

    A small Samburu herdsboy stands by several cow carcasses during this year's worst famine in the northern part of Kenya. Kenyan President Kibaki recently declared the region to be a disaster area. The majority of people living in Northern Kenya are pastoralists whose livelihood depends on...

  • 2006-215 | 2006-215

    Lipen ponders her fate with the looming drought and famine at Kerare village in Marsabit, Kenya. Old people like Lipen were victims of this worst disaster in recent times in Kenya. She succumbed to death two months after this picture was taken and published.

  • 292-136 | 292-136

    In Yekanga village, Kenya, a security guard at the community water dam quenches his thirst. People in Yekanga village, Makueni district, Eastern province have not received rainfall for the last two years. The prolonged drought has made it difficult to recover from last year's drought and...

  • 2007-13 | 2007-13

    Syombua's grandmother ponders the girl's fate at Garrisa district hospital in the North Eastern Province of Kenya. The malnourished girl was from the Mwingi district, one of the regions hit the hardest by famine, and later died.

  • 292-106 | 292-106

    An animal carcass in northern Kenya signals hardship and impending disaster for families forced to travel for many days in search of drinking water for themselves and their animals. Over 3.5 million people in northern Kenya are feared to starve due to an alarming drought and food crisis at a time...

1 - 7 of 7 items

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