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Public Health and Development Photography Collection -  Thousands of International Public Health and Development Images - Free for nonprofit and educational use.

Photoshare is maintained by the Knowledge SUCCESS (Strengthening Use, Capacity, Collaboration, Exchange, Synthesis, and Sharing) Project, based at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Communication Programs (CCP), helping international nonprofit organizations communicate health and development issues through photography.  Photoshare is a leading source for public health and development communication, focused on demonstrating the value and impact of photography in global health efforts to improve health and save lives.

We welcome you to browse the Photoshare collection, request images for nonprofit educational use, and learn more about editorial and development photography on our website. Most importantly, we invite you to share your own photos. The scope and quality of the Photoshare collection depends entirely on the generosity of those who are willing to freely share their photos as a way to help advance the work of public health professionals and organizations around the world.

The Photoshare Collection

Developed exclusively for educational and nonprofit purposes, Photoshare is a one-of-a-kind editorial photography collection covering a broad range of subjects in international development, with a focus on public health. Our online image database currently contains more than 35,000 captioned images related to global health and development issues, such as:

agriculture | communication  | democracy and governance | economic development  | environment  | family planning | global health | HIV/AIDS | human interest | humanitarian assistance | malaria and zika | people | population  | reproductive health | settings | water, sanitation and hygiene

Photoshare images, generously shared by individuals and organizations around the world, capture the realities of urban and rural life in developing countries, as well as global efforts to improve health and save lives.

The Photoshare collection falls under the category of editorial photography. Unlike commercial photography, which is usually obtained through contracts with professional photographers/models and licenses with stock agencies, editorial photography employs a journalistic approach to taking and using photos. In other words, Photoshare images are intended for documentary use - objective, accurate representation or illustration of a real situation, subject, or physical location.

Information and Knowledge Sharing in Editorial and Development Photography

In addition to providing access to the Photoshare collection, Photoshare offers Website features, tools, and services that may be useful for those who plan to take or use photographs in the field:

Photography and Digital Imaging Tips 

Visit this section of the Photoshare Web Site for tips on:

Development Photography Ethics

Visit this section of the Photoshare Web Site for tips on Development Photography Ethics, and Photo Policy Development such as:

  • Laws
  • Ethics
  • Editorial Principles
  • Informed Consent
  • Fair Use
  • Protecting Privacy
  • Photo Policy Development
  • Contracting Photographers

Informed Consent

Verbal and written guides for organizations working in international public health and development for obtaining informed consent from photo subjects before taking and using photos.

Fair Use

Photoshare provides information on protecting photo subjects and editorial standards for ensuing that images are in a context that fairly represents the real situation, subject identity, and physical location of the image.


Technical Assistance

Contact Photoshare staff for assistance in:

  • Searching the Photoshare database
  • Identifying useful photos for specific materials
  • Planning for a new digital imaging management project
  • Developing organizational policies and guidelines for taking and using photographs

Topic Pages and Special Collections

Photo Topics List

Photoshare provides users and organizations with access to refined searches to photos for specific topics and sponsored collections. Photoshare welcomes other resources managers to link to  Photoshare or inquire about a detailed collaboration, sponsorship, and support for building  co-branded special collections.

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