About Contests

Annual Photoshare Photo Contests and Awards

Photoshare's Annual International Photo Contests and Awards are popular international events mobilizing photographers to share their work for charitable and educational use, in return for a chance to win a prize/award. By submitting their images, participants contribute to a growing collection, helping nonprofits communicate health and development issues worldwide.

Entry Dates

Photoshare features ongoing contests with rotating topics that highlight global issues, and Photoshare's collaboration with other supporting organizations. All submission to Photoshare during the contest entry dates are eligible for general contest prizes, however only those submissions that relate to the sponsored topic are eligible for that award prize.

The best way to stay informed about the contest and other Photoshare developments is the Photoshare Blog. Please note that contest dates are subject to change prior to the official announcement.

Contest Mission

Photoshare encourages those who are interested in Photoshare’s mission to participate in the contest. The contest is a great incentive for those who would otherwise share photos year-round but have trouble finding the time. If you are learning about Photoshare for the first time, you may be interested to know…

  • People who typically share photos with Photoshare – either through the contest or on an ongoing basis – are international public health professionals, community leaders and residents of developing countries, Peace Corps volunteers, world travelers, amateur and professional photographers, and anyone else interested in freely sharing photos as a way to promote awareness of global health and development issues.
  • Contest participants understand that when the contest is over, their entries are eligible for inclusion in the general Photoshare collection, upon which their photos may be requested for nonprofit, educational use promoting health and development. As always, requests to use Photoshare images are carefully screened by Photoshare staff (see Photoshare Terms of Use and Responsibilities of Photoshare Users for more information about Photoshare's policies on sharing photos). Photoshare provide a unique opportunity to monitor the use and impact of shared images.
  • Participation in the contest does NOT require you to forfeit your copyright.

Participating in the contest is a fun and rewarding way to support Photoshare’s global efforts in health and development photography, and to help build the Photoshare collection.

Contest Categories and Awards

Sponsored Awards:

HIFA2015 Photography Award  (Healthcare Providers)

Best of Show  (1st, 2nd, 3rd) 

Honorable Mentions

Sample Subjects by Category:

Prizes and Awards

Photoshare relies on corporate sponsorship for prizes for the following awards:

  • 1st Place
  • 2nd Place
  • 3rd Place
  • Outstanding Photoshare Contributor
  • Image of the Year/Sponsored Topics

Past Contest and Award prizes have been generously donated by Nikon USA, and Canon USA.

We welcome individuals and organizations interested in partnering with Photoshare or sponsoring prizes to contact us for more information. Photoshare offers a unique opportunity to support global health and development interventions, and reach an engaged audience interested in the role of photography and digital technologies in improving health and saving lies.

General Contest Guidelines

  • All entries must be submitted through the Photoshare site www.photoshare.org by the date of the contest deadline.
  • Any individual or organization, with the exception of contest judges, are welcome to participate (including both amateur and professional photographers).
  • At a minimum, digital images must be approximately 1600x1200 pixels. Photos below the minimum resolution, collages, altered images, and photos previously contributed to Photoshare are not eligible for consideration.
  • Photos will be judged on the basis of content (relevance to category) and quality (e.g. lighting, composition, focus) by an independent panel of judges.
  • Entries that violate copyright or the laws of the country in which they were taken are not acceptable.
  • Participants must agree to the Photoshare Photographer Agreement when registering an account on the Photoshare website. Participants must create an account in order to be eligible for the contest.
  • All submissions are eligible for inclusion on Photoshare's general collection, available free for nonprofit educational use.
  • Images must be obtained in a fair and ethical practice under the protocols of editorial photography.

Please note that contest guidelines and rules are subject to change prior to the official announcement.


Contest submissions are judged by a panel of professional photographers, health communication professionals, journalists, and Photoshare staff

We've been honored to have the following people as judges:

  • Marshall Clarke, directs Youthlight, photography and media literacy project empowering youth in Baltimore city to explore their creativity and become activists in their neighborhood through creating photographic images.
  • Shawna Gibbs, works with international development organizations on website development and photography projects. 
  • Steven Rubin, director "Healing Images" which provides digital photography, instruction, and therapy to survivors of torture
  • Richard Fitoussi, a photojournalist, is head of the Cambodian Land Museum Relief Fund.
  • Sammy Ndwiga, a freelance photographer and videographer in Kenya.
  • David Snyder, a writer for Catholic Relief Services in Africa.
  • Stéphane Janin, a Cambodia based photojournalist manages Popil PhotoGallery in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 
  • Todd Shapera is a U.S. based photojournalist and writer covering Tsunami recovery in Sri Lanka, rainforest preservation in Central America, and coffee farmers in Peru. 
  • Lydia Martin,  a UK-based photographer/facilitator with a special interest in Africa, who produces work for print and online resources, as well as NGOs, government bodies, and individuals.
  • Jeffrey Austin, a US-based documentary photographer who has worked for numerous humanitarian organizations and traveled extensively around the world.
  • Matt Powell, a US-based humanitarian NGO photographer who specializes in photographic narratives of third world suffering and the corresponding humanitarian response.
  • Nicholas Kristof, two-time Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and New York Times columnist.
  • Ann Curry, NBC Today Show news anchor.
  • Malcolm Linton, a photo and video journalist.