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Vote by July 10th and help decide the winner of the Sexual and reproductive Health Category and the 2018 Photoshare People's Choice Award:  





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Presenting the 2018 Annual Photoshare Photo Contest—Recognizing the Best in Global Health and Development Photography

The Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project is pleased to announce the 2018 Annual Photoshare Photo Contest, an international standard for recognizing amateur and professional photographers that share photos for charitable and educational use.

The contest has a top prize of US$1,000; the deadline for entries is June 5th, 2018. Enter submissions through Photoshare's online photo submission form

This year Photoshare has partnered with, Girls' Globe to present a new Sexual and Reproductive Health category. Photoshare will recognize this featured category with its first social-media-powered prize, the Photoshare People’s Choice Award. In addition to this special content focus, Photoshare continues its partnership with HIFA (Healthcare Information For All) on the Healthcare Providers category, which focuses on the critical role of health care information and health workers and is recognized with the HIFA Photo Award.

The 2018 Annual Photoshare Photo Contest is brought to you by K4Health, a USAID-funded project at the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (CCP), in partnership with FHI 360IntraHealth International and Management Sciences for Health (MSH).  Girls’ Globe and HIFA provide additional support.



•   Click on the Upload Photos button in the header to access the submission form

•   There is no limit to the number of photos a participant can submit--images should be relevant to the contest category

•   The contest is FREE to enter

•   Deadline for Entries: June 5th, 2018

•   Contest entries help grow the Photoshare collection; learn how your images improve health and save lives.

•   Winners Announced: July 24th, 2018




Contest Categories

This year’s contest features 11 categories and 2 awards covering a broad range of global public health and development topics:


•   Sexual and Reproductive Health

(Presented by: Girls' Globe with the Photoshare People’s Choice Award)

•   Healthcare Providers

(Sponsored Category: HIFA Photography Award)

•   Family Planning


•   Malaria and Zika

•   Environment

•   Agriculture and Economic Development

•   Democracy and Governance

•   Humanitarian and Disaster Relief

•   mHealth and Communications Technology

•   Global Health and Human Interest (open subject) 


See Example Categories Below



Prizes and Awards

Photoshare encourages those who are interested in our mission to participate in the contest. The contest prizes provide a great incentive for those who would like to share their photos but have trouble finding the time. 

The contest awards cash prizes to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Participants submitting entries to the featured Sexual and Reproductive Health category are also eligible for the Photoshare People’s Choice Awardpresented by Girls’ Globe.  Entries in the Healthcare Providers category are also eligible for an additional cash prize, the HIFA-sponsored Photography Award. 

Best of Show  (see previous Photoshare contest winners)

1st place -selected from all contest submissions

·         $1000 cash prize

2nd place -selected from all contest submissions

·         $500 cash prize

3rd place -selected from all contest submissions

·         $250 cash prize


People’s Choice Photo Award | Sexual and Reproductive Health Category –presented by Girls' Globe and selected by social media users 


$100 cash prize award –Photoshare sponsored


HIFA Photography Award | Healthcare Providers Category  -selected by the HIFA Steering Committee from only the Healthcare Providers Category 


     $250 cash prize award –HIFA sponsored


Photoshare Annual Awards

Outstanding Photoshare Contributor - selected by Photoshare staff based on continuing participation and support of Photoshare

$500 cash prize award


Photoshare Image of the Year - selected by Photoshare staff from all Photoshare images

$100 cash prize award 


Best of show images will be selected based on topic relevancy and technical execution by a panel of independent judges. Contest winners and finalist will be showcased on the Photoshare website and hosted on a number of other medium-to-high-impact virtual venues—with the winner of the People’s Choice Photo Award presented by Girls' Globe.




Contest Rules

Deadline for Entries: June 5th, 2018. Entries are accepted through Photoshare's Upload Photos submission form. There is no limit to the number of photos a participant can submit. The contest is free to enter.

•All entries must be received by June 5th, 2018 to qualify for consideration. Entries must be submitted using Photoshare's Upload Photos submission form on the Photoshare website.

•Any individual or organization, with the exception of contest judges, is welcome to participate (including both amateur and professional photographers).

•At a minimum, digital images must be approximately 1800x1400 pixels. Photos below the minimum resolution, collages, digitally altered photos, photos without completed captions, and photos previously contributed to Photoshare are not eligible for consideration.

•Photos will be judged on the basis of content (relevance to category) and quality (e.g. lighting, composition, focus) by an independent panel of judges for cash prizes.

•Entries that violate copyright or the laws of the country in which they were taken are not acceptable.

•By entering the contest, the Participant grants to The Johns Hopkins University, on behalf of Photoshare at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Communication Programs (CCP), a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free license to use such photographs in its Photoshare database, and grants all such other rights, including the right to sublicense, the right to copy, distribute, publicly display or perform, and the right to create derivative works, as may be necessary to meet the requirements of the Photoshare database, and to fully realize and carry out the purposes thereof, without requiring The Johns Hopkins University to notify the Participant, seek the Participant's permission, or owe any form of compensation to the Participant. This agreement will apply to all photographs and other submissions supplied to CCP by the Participant and shall remain in full force and effect until cancelled in writing by either party or superseded by a subsequent agreement. The Participant understands that these images will provide useful information related to people, their living conditions, and their health, and that requests to use the photos will be carefully screened for appropriate and respectful objectives.

Read Contest Mission





About HIFA —HIFA (Healthcare Information For All) is a growing professional global health network working in collaboration with the World Health Organization and supported by more than 260 health and development organizations worldwide. HIFA has more than 15,000 health workers, librarians, publishers, researchers and policymakers, committed to accelerate progress towards the HIFA Vision: a world where every person has access to the health care information they need to protect their own health and the health of others. One third of members are based in Africa, one third in Europe, and one third in the rest of the world. HIFA members represent more than 2500 organizations across 175 countries worldwide and interact on five global email discussion forums (HIFA Global Forums) in three languages (English, French, Portuguese). To join (free), please go to www.hifa.org and click on Join. 


About Girls’ Globe—Girls’ Globe is an innovative, women-led online magazine and a global network of individuals and organizations focused on the rights and health of women and girls. With expertise in the area of communications and advocacy, our network spans over twenty countries with unique global reach and diversity. Learn more: here: https://girlsglobe.org

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Contest Mission

•Photoshare encourages those who are interested in Photoshare’s mission to participate in the contest. The contest is a great incentive for those who would otherwise share photos year-round but have trouble finding the time. If you are learning about Photoshare for the first time, you may be interested to know the contest rules.

•People who typically share photos with Photoshare – either through the contest or on an ongoing basis – are international public health professionals, community leaders and residents of developing countries, Peace Corps volunteers, world travelers, amateur and professional photographers, and anyone else interested in freely sharing photos as a way to promote awareness of global health and development issues.

•Contest participants understand that when the contest is over, their entries are eligible for inclusion in the general Photoshare collection, upon which their photos may be requested for nonprofit, educational use promoting health and development. As always, requests to use Photoshare images are carefully screened by Photoshare staff (see Photoshare Terms of Use and Responsibilities of Photoshare Users for more information about Photoshare's policies on sharing photos). Photoshare provide a unique opportunity to monitor the use and impact of shared images.

•Participation in the contest does NOT require you to forfeit your copyright.

•Participating in the contest is a fun and rewarding way to support Photoshare’s global efforts in health and development photography, and to help build the Photoshare collection.


Learn More About Photoshare's Contests




Category Examples

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health (Presented by: Girls' Globe with the Photoshare People’s Choice Award)

Examples:  sexual health education campaigns, training activities, maternal health, antenatal care, youth, youth advocates, projects promoting gender equality and women's reproductive health and rights

  • Healthcare Providers (Sponsored Category: HIFA Photography Award)

Examples: community health workers, physicians, nurses, midwives, traditional birth attendants

  • Family Planning 

Examples: family planning methods, counseling sessions, portraits of couples, clinics, campaigns, training activities


Examples: prevention activities, antiretroviral therapy, care & support, orphans & vulnerable children, counseling & testing

  • Malaria

Examples: distribution & use of bed nets, mosquito control, drug treatment, prevention activities

  • Environment

Examples: pollution, drought, deforestation, flooding, water quality & sanitation, alternative energy sources

  • Agriculture and Economic Development

Examples: farming methods, agricultural development, modernization, urbanization, microenterprise development, employment & livelihood

  • Democracy and Governance

Examples: political demonstrations & rallies, government programs, legal issues, war, peacekeeping, voting & elections

  • Humanitarian and Disaster Relief

Examples: local and international relief agencies, food security, natural disaster aid, refugees & internally displaced persons 

  • mHealth and Communications Technology

Examples: mobile phones, tablets, SMS, internet & computer use, particularly depicted within a public health context

  • Global Health and Human Interest (open subject)

Examples: maternal-child health, adolescent health, community health services, disease prevention & treatment, clinic activities, nutrition, family life, rural & urban life, religion & culture





All contest submissions are judged by a select panel of volunteers, including professional photographers, health communication professionals, journalists, and Photoshare staff.


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