2008 Award Winners

Photoshare 2008 Development Photography Award Winners

Announcing the winners of Photoshare's 3rd Annual 2008 Development Photography Award Photoshare is pleased to announce the winners of the 3rd Annual 2008 Photoshare Development Photography Award. Awarded exclusively to a photographer from a developing country/emerging economy as a part of Photoshare’s effort to promote photography as a vital tool for communicating international health and development issues. Photoshare's Development Photography Award advances digital camera technologies by providing the tools and resources needed to document global public health interventions. The winners of this award receive a new digital camera.

Photographers nominated themselves by submitting an application along with sample photos. Photoshare sought applicants from developing countries who are:

  • involved in public health and development programs;
  • interested in using photography to document issues facing their communities;
  • in need of a first-time or improved digital camera.

Within one month, Photoshare received applications from 37 photographers in 13 countries:

Congratulations Award Winners!

Srikrishna Sulgodu Ramachandra, India

Srikrishna Sulgodu Ramachandra is an active public health professional and eager amateur photographer working with the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), Delhi. A medical doctor and a public health specialist (MD, MPH), Dr. Ramachandra has worked on the implementation of routine immunization and Pulse Polio programs for UNICEF as well as STI/HIV/AIDS prevention projects funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Family Health International. An active member of the Indian Red Cross Society, Dr. Ramachandra served as a medical volunteer in the Asian Tsunami hit areas of Nagapattinam district in Tamil Nadu and the earthquake hit areas of Bhuj in Gujarat. Dr. Ramachandra says, “as a career path I would like to work on monitoring and evaluation of public health programs and health policy issues”.

Dr. Ramachandra is excited about using photography as a vital tool in health communication. In speaking about the use of photography, Dr. Ramachandra says, “I am very interested in documenting the hard realities of life and bring about community awareness through pictures.”

A Selection of Submitted Images

Women in Nagapattinam district, Tamil Nadu state, India, pick through discarded clothing donations for victims of the 2004 Asian Tsunami.© 2004 Srikrishna Sulgodu Ramachandra/Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI)

An elderly couple in India sit next to a box of their remaining belongings after the 2004 Asian Tsunami.© 2004 Srikrishna Sulgodu Ramachandra/Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI)


Dooso Radido, Kenya

Dooso Radido, is a Nursing Student at Moi University, Kenya. A passionate public health advocate, Mr. Radido developed an interest in photography while serving as a volunteer at free health camps organized by the Moi University Students Association. Mr. Radido has actively organized and participated in a variety of public health advocacy forums at Moi University. He is a member of the Human Rights Advisory Group and president of the Nursing Student Association. Also a member of the Red Cross Society of Kenya, Mr. Radido says, his goal is “to help achieve a community living free of diseases and thriving in an environment that does not pose the risk of infections and disease outbreak in the community

In speaking of photography’s role in health communication, Mr. Radido, says he would like to continue to explore photography as “a channel of communication within the medical field and to bring improvement in ways of reporting local issues”.

A Selection of Submitted Images

Beds for children at the Elldoret Rescue Center for street children/orphans rehabilitation in Kenya. © 2007 Dooso Radido/MOIVARSITY, Courtesy of Photoshare

Children in Kenya at the Elldoret Rescue Center for street children/orphans rehabilitation. © 2007 Dooso Radido/MOIVARSITY, Courtesy of Photoshare


Honorable Mentions

Bizimungu M. Kisakye, Uganda

Bizimungu Kisakye is a freelance Journalist reporting for the New Vision, Uganda. Kisakye has reported and documented a variety of health hazards in Uganda. Kisakye recently reported on two major out breaks of Ebola and Marburg in the western districts of Bundibugyo and Kamwenge, Uganda. Given that many photojournalists will not travel to these areas, Kisakye often takes photos in addition to writing the stories. Kisakye has struggled to compete with colleagues armed with better cameras, but has had photos used in the New Vision and the rural paper Orumuri.

Jasmin Brutus, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Jasmin Brutus recently collaborated with Handicap International in Bosnia documenting an HI project on development for local communities in villages around Stolac. These villages were the frontline during the Bosnian War (1992-1995); the area was contaminated with land mines. Brutus says, “I can help them at least with taking pictures to document development.” Brutus started to take photos five years ago and has participated in several exhibitions in Bosnia and internationally and received several prizes; attending several workshops about photography and its relevance in society. Jasmin Brutus is currently studying transportation science and hopes to become an engineer by the end of this year.