2007 Award Winner

Photoshare 2007 Development Photography Award Winner!

Photoshare is pleased to announce the winner of the 2nd Annual 2007 Photoshare Development Photography Award. Awarded exclusively to a photographer from a developing country/emerging economy as a part of Photoshare’s effort to promote photography as a vital tool for communicating international health and development issues. Photoshare's Development Photography Award advances digital camera technologies by providing the tools and resources needed to document global public health interventions. The winner of this award will receive a brand new Canon Digital Camera (6 megapixels).

Photographers nominated themselves by submitting an application along with sample photos. Photoshare sought applicants from developing countries who are:

  • involved in public health and development programs;
  • interested in using photography to document issues facing their communities;
  • in need of a first-time or improved digital camera.

Within one month, Photoshare received applications from 42 photographers in 16 countries:

Congratulations to: Ashok Bhurtyal, Nepal


Ashok Bhurtyal is an enthusiastic amateur photographer and rural health worker in Nepal who believes photography is an important tool for improving health and saving lives. During frequent trips to remote places in his country, Bhurtyal has documented the health of rural Nepali people through photographs taken with either a borrowed or rented camera. Bhurtyal says, “I never lose patience and spend a lot of energy to make decisions on taking snapshots.” In speaking about photography, Bhurtyal says, it “reveals the expression of rural people, their connectedness to nature and the enormous opportunities for health promotion.” Photography can be used to “generate an understanding of the situation of rural Nepali people among the influential people and the public at large. I believe this understanding will prompt health activities and collaboration between the health and development sectors,” says Bhurtyal.



In his work as an undergraduate in public health and later with Physicians for Social Responsibility, Bhurtyal focused on understanding local people’s health needs in both sociocultural and geographical contexts. Now partnered with friends and teachers in his own organization, People’s Health Initiative, Bhurtyal works to “revive indigenous health systems and support rural people to increase access to modern medical and public health services through training of health workers.” Bhurtyal is also currently working on a Masters of Public Health Course at Tribhuvan University, Institute of Medicine, and plans to continue using both his photography skills and his relationships with policy makers and health leaders to broadcast the health needs of rural Nepali people.



Photoshare is excited to honor Ashok Bhurtyal as a part of our efforts to provide the tools and resources needed to advance the role of photography in health communication programs.


Nepal - A Sampling of Photos Submitted by Ashok Bhurtyal

A traditional healer in the remote village of Langtang, Nepal, sets the fractured arm of an older woman using herbal paste, woolen padding, and wood pieces. The woman had fallen while carrying a heavy load of grass to feed her cattle, and there was no doctor or adequate medical equipment in the village's small health post. © 2005 Ashok Bhurtyal, Courtesy of Photoshare

Karma, a health post worker of the lowest civil service rank, cuts juniper branches for cooking fuel on Mt. Langtang Lirung, above the remote village of Langtang, Nepal.. © 2007 Ashok Bhurtyal, Courtesy of Photoshare

An older woman walks to a free health camp being held at the Langtang Health Post in Nepal. She suffers from musculoskeletal pain and gastritis, and is too old and poor to travel for two days to reach the nearest hospital for treatment. © 2007 Ashok Bhurtyal, Courtesy of Photoshare