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Village Midwives Training - Delivery Care 38969-4
A trainer demonstrates basic delivery care during a village midwives training session in River Nile...
Village Midwives Training Session - Disinfection 38969-1
Village midwives in River Nile State, northern Sudan, attend a training session on disinfection of...
ASHA using mSakhi to assess mother and newborn 8896-10
An accredited social health activist (ASHA) in Bahraich district, Uttar Pradesh, India, uses mSakhi...
Fetching water 38525-3
While fetching water for his family, a young boy in Alto Molocue, Mozambique, passes through a...
Mayan market 8871-14
A Mayan Indian woman sells her fruits and vegetables at a market in San Cristobal, Mexico.
Supplementary feeding program recipient in Cambodia 8545-46
While waiting for her monthly food ration, a woman reads about the nutrition supplement being...
School girls 8545-15
School girls in Peru hold up their immunization cards.
Friendship 38789-5
A woman in Lviv, Ukraine, repairs a pair of shoes while her dog holds a pack of cigarettes in his...
Friendship 38789-3
A homeless man pets his dogs in Mogilev, Belarus.
Agriculture 658-1007
A trainee of Agricultural Youths Empowerment program (Agric-YES) feeds fish in the tank at Araga,...
Self-employment and livelihood 38327-134
Shanti, the winner of the National 'Nou plante nou manze edition 2011' contest, with her...
Chemical Measurements 38843-8
A plantation worker prepares pesticide for application in Sri Lanka.
Safety first 38843-7
A pesticide technician approaches a sign indicating a spray area in Sri Lanka.
Friends 38843-1
Sithupa (Sri Lanka) & Sasa (Slovenija) play together in Jaela, Sri Lanka.
Weaving dream 38800-10
A woman weaves bamboo baskets to supplement her family's income in a remote village of West...
Collecting grass 38736-6
An older man collects grass for his cows in Probolinggo, Indonesia.
Collecting firewood 38736-5
A grandmother in Probolinggo, Indonesia, collects wood from the forest for cooking fuel at her home.
Collecting straw 38736-4
An older farmer in Probolinggo, Indonesia, collects straw in his fields to be used for animal feed.
Reading the Quran 38736-3
An older man passes his free time by reading the Quran at a mosque in Probolinggo, Indonesia.
Shaking hands 38736-2
Two friends shake hands after meeting in the street in Probolinggo, Indonesia.
Water pollution 38474-6
A boat crosses black water polluted by industrial chemicals on the Buriganga River in Dhaka,...
Tribal Life 38470-27
Sukila Mangsan (35), a Garo tribal woman, holds a squash with one hand and her infant son with the...
Community Health Worker 38470-22
In Bangladesh, community health worker Bobita Akter (42), at right, arranges for a rickshaw van to...
We Drink 38660-2
Workers take a break to smoke and drink water at a ship building yard in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Shipyard workers 38660-1
Shipyard workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, attempt to clean their oily hands over a fire during their...